Digital Marketing

Digital Strategy

We develop your digital marketing strategy to work with your existing business plan; and we develop new, online-based business models to expand your reach.

Social Media Marketing

Leveraging the power of Facebook Advertising, Instagram Advertising and LinkedIn advertising. This is where your customer spends most of their time – get their attention here.

E-Mail Marketing

The most effecient form of digital marketing. Send well-crafted e-mailers to your target audience or existing client base. Integration with website and social media. Gather leads, converse and convert.

Google Adwords

Create highly targeted adverts and display them on Google, YouTube and accross a wide range of website. Re-target clients who visited your website to remind them of you.

Numbers don’t lie.

5 Benefits of Digital Marketing

  1. Reach. Reach a wider audience, a detailed demographic or a specific area.
  2. Faster Results. Get potential customers contacting you faster (almost instantly) and respond to them quicker.
  3. Flexible. Flexible enough to adjust your advertising content at a faster, cheaper rate than traditional methods.
  4. Meausurable. Measure your ROI (Return on Investment) more accurately and gain insight into your audience.
  5. Low Barrier of Entry. Traditional Advertising (TV, Radio, Print, Billboards) is more expensive. Digital Marketing allows you to advertise for better results at a lower cost.

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