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It’s practically impossible to do business nowadays without using e-mail. Granted, in Botswana today, the good old fax machine is still very much in use, and the post man still delivers documents to the P.O Boxes, but that’s only being used by the Botswana government. However, to get into the procurement system (PPADB) and the BURS Tax system, and to do business with private entities, you will have to have an email address; not any though, you need a Professional E-mail Address.

Why Do You Need A Professional Email Address?

The keyword here is “professional”. The opposite of professional is amateur (not yet professional). If you are in business and you are using a free e-mail address, such companyx_bw@gmail.com or reception_companyx@yahoo.com, then that would be very amateur to be honest. A professional email address would be reception@mycompany.co.bw, note the domain (a space on the internet which you own) at the end.

In this article, we list a few Reasons Why You Need A Professional Email Address.

Branding – Give The Right First Impression

First impressions count. A e-mail received from a professional (or custom) email address shouts your brand name immediately. When a reader sees manager@yourcompany.co.bw, they want to see who it is behind the brand, so they go to your website to find out more, which. They take you seriously. If you have a company with multiple employees, whenever they send an e-mail, your brand will be promoted.
On the contrary, using a free e-mail address will show that you are either very new in business, or that you don’t take your brand seriously.

Build Credibility And Trust

A professional e-mail address builds credibility and trust. Customers will feel more comfortable dealing with you. Some organisations that you communicate with may not take you seriously if using a free email address, and unfortunately some email programs may take your hotmail or gmail e-mail straight to spam. Have you ever asked somebody, “check your spam box”.

Keep Work Separate

Keep your personal finances separate from your company finances – Business 101.
Business 102 – Keep your personal e-mail separate from your business email. Thank us later.

One of the reasons is that our personal e-mail addresses tend to be filled with subscriptions from websites we don’t even remember visiting, and updates from social media. Mixing that with work can get your work e-mail lost in the mix. You do not need the distractions of an update from Facebook Botswana Advertiser+ page, and you definitely do not want to miss the update on the RFQ you send last month.

For your employees, you want them to focus only on work. Company computer, company time, company internet = company emails only. You can create as e-mail addresses for each employee, and they use that for work and work only. Which leads us to the next point,

When Someone Leaves Your Company, You Keep Control

The world if fluid – sometimes people choose to leave, and other times they are asked to leave. Imagine them leaving with all the confidential company e-mails and having access to your clients communication? No, you don’t want to imagine that. A professional e-mail address belongs to your company, not to them, so when they go they take themselves, and leave the content.

This can further be linked to your documents and the cloud. If you have a cloud set up, along with e-mails, documents are protected and remain with the company.

Tips for Creating Your Custom Email Address

You first need a domain name, and somewhere to host them. We provide both. A domain name would be your company name, for example www.basha.co.bw or www.yourbusiness.com. Hosting refers to the space needed to keep your e-mails and website.

Keep your domain name as short as possible and aligned to your company name or brand. We are Basha Consulting, but using www.bashaconsulting.co.bw would be long.

You can standardize your company e-mail addresses to maintain a professional image and consistency, examples below.


We help organisations setup professionals e-mail addresses. Contact Us below, as we will be glad to assist you.

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